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Legal Practice Profile

The mission of our office is to provide legal advice at the highest level. The activity of the Office is based on a professional and reliable approach towards matters entrusted to us. These values shape the reputation of our Office.

Profile Of The Office

The Legal Office of Kurek Wójcik has set itself the goal of providing legal advice at the highest level whilst having an individual approach to each case and an understanding of the business objectives which clients want to achieve.

We profess the principle that solutions proposed to our clients should not only be effective in achieving deliberate objectives, but should offer security and be effective in practice. The realisation of assigned objectives is possible through the maximum usage of the potential of lawyers cooperating with the Office and their specialization in different branches of law.

In order to provide our clients with a satisfying level of service, lawyers of the Office systematically consult with specialists in other branches of law about specific legal issues creating appropriate small teams. The office also assures maximum transparency for clients with regards to the method of work of our lawyers and the method of the cooperation between the Office and clients. Clients are diligently informed about the progress of works, and in settlements with them solutions appropriate to the entrusted tasks are applied. The best quality of our services always fully reflects the current condition of the legal practice.



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