We serve public issues of shares on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Profile of the office


Professional interests of the Office's lawyers are concentrated around issues of public trading in securities and the legal characteristics of public companies.

The Legal Office Kurek Wojcik provides permanent legal services for public companies (also in performing all information duties connected with functioning on the regulated market) and advises those interested in investing in such companies listed on stock markets. The Office is responsible for the preparation and delivery of such investments and also assists companies in carrying out public offerings of shares and conducting public share issues.

The Legal Office Kurek Wojcik can also implement unusual orders for its clients, such as: the establishment of a Brokerage House and the obtainment of appropriate permits and decisions. A recent success of the Office in this field was to create the first asset management Brokerage
House, after a change in legislation in this area. Extensive experience and professionalism in the areas mentioned above resulted in several companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and two Brokerage Houses entrusting the conduct of their affairs in the Office. The Legal Office Kurek Wojcik has been recommended by the Chamber of Brokerage Houses.

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