We have knowledge in the scope of law for the IT sector.

Profile of the office


We have extensive knowledge not only in the scope of software, but also in issues concerning an author's legal aspects and the activity of television broadcasters.


An important part amongst the clients of the Legal Office Kurek Wójcik are entrepreneurs operating in the industry of new technologies (companies dealing with telecommunications, multimedia, computer companies). This has resulted in lawyers of the Office gaining an excellent level of understanding in branches of law regulating the activity of the IT sector.

Legal problems encountered in the industry of new technologies are inseparably linked with issues of copyright. In this field our lawyers have at their disposal extensive knowledge, not only within the scope of software, but also copyright aspects in relation to television broadcasters.

It must be stressed when discussing our experience in the field of copyright that to date we provide legal assistance relating to: contracts of selling software, licensing and sub-licensing contracts, computer systems implementation, service contracts/maintenance agreements and custody of software, localization of programs, copyright protection , collective management of copyright, etc.

We also provide legal services for producers, broadcasters and authors. Lawyers of the Office have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of telecommunication law, this is due in part to the fact that a highly valued client of the Office is the second largest Polish cable television operator.

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